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'This is a physical book' Hardcover, paperback or loose leaf with solution manuals, workbooks, and components packaged exactly as described.

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Have you found yourself visiting a half dozen websites, etc., for a required textbook only to find that the ISBN does not exist? If you are unfamiliar with ISBN searching, you may think that the professor made an error or that the textbook is not available yet. You probably don’t know you’re looking for a Custom/Bundle textbook. 

Many textbook publishers are giving professors the option to modify a textbook by adding chapters, access cards and labs. These textbooks are given a unique ISBN, the ISBN no longer is for the single book but is for the package and is specific to the components in package. The ISBN you use is critical to what your instructors online course work needs.


  • FIRM ORDER SERVICE "Hard-to-get" items, though at times challenging, are our specialty. Materials are supplied from more than 29,000 publishers and distributors worldwide, with more added daily. Current titles are stocked from more than 100 publishers.
  • SHIPPING FREE delivery within 7 days, expedited delivery 3 to 5 days. 
  • OUT OF PRINT SEARCHING If your item has been declared out-of-print or out-of-stock-indefinitely, upon request, we will search Out of Print databases to obtain a copy for your library. When we've located a copy, we will advise you of its condition and price for approval before supplying it to you.
  • CONDITION All material new, shipped with Access Card & Components bundled.

  • RUSH ORDER SERVICE When a book is needed immediately, or sooner, your order to us, if not in inventory, is placed with the publisher within 30 minutes of its receipt. 

  • RETURNS 30 day return policy, satisfaction guarantee or full refund.

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When you need a book 'yesterday' or earlier, indicate that the order is a RUSH, the specific deadline date, and your approved method of shipment. We will place the order within 30 minutes. The degree of RUSH is determined by the customer.

Delays & Out-Of-Stock: 

The customer is notified if delay within 30 minutes of the receipt of the order. This information will help the student and instructor with time sensitive textbook needs.


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