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Supplier of: Textbooks, handbooks, journals, teacher/student editions, Hard-to-Find books, Exam books and more. We also supply Home Schooling books.

All of our material is new and ships within 24-48 hours, bundles are complete and shrink wrapped by publisher, your item has never been opened. All printed acess codes and course work material is guaranteed as described and included.

Find the book you need at a price you can feel good about. Save a ton of cash on list prices for the same exact book. Plus, we make it easy to find quality used books, alternate editions, out-of-print and more! Please continue to browse our web site for more information on Coleman's array of services. We look forward to offering the very best in customer service.     

Service Overview

Coleman Book Company offers a full range of services to corporate, academic, medical, special and public libraries, obtaining any in-print publication, in any format, from publishers or distributors throughout the world.


  • BINDERY SERVICES We can provide a full range of binding options for your paperback books: Kapco coverings, Vinabind and Library (buckram) bindings.

  • FIRM ORDER SERVICE "Hard-to-get" items, though at times challenging, are our specialty. Materials are supplied from more than 29,000 publishers and distributors worldwide, with more added daily. Current titles are stocked from more than 100 publishers.

  •  Approval Plan/Slip Service We have developed an approval plan/slips service offering the degree of customization and personalized service desired by the library community. Flexibility and built-in attention to detail exists is our service.
  • 98% Fill Rate:
  • 76% of all orders are fulfilled within 3 days.
  • 92% of all orders are fulfilled within 5 days.

  • OUT OF PRINT SEARCHING If your item has been declared out-of-print or out-of-stock-indefinitely, upon request, we will search Out of Print databases to obtain a copy for your library. When we've located a copy, we will advise you of its condition and price for approval before supplying it to you.

  • RUSH ORDER SERVICE When a book is needed immediately, or sooner, your order to us, if not in inventory, is placed with the publisher within 30 minutes of its receipt.

  • SHELF READY SERVICE If requested, Coleman will physically process any material purchased so that the customer's collection-building process is facilitated. We can provide barcodes, security strips, or complete card kits. Additionally, we offer original cataloging records as well as copy-cataloging records.

  • STANDING ORDER SERVICE Coleman will monitor and maintain standing orders for our customer's requirements from any source, whether or not they recognize "standing orders". Upon request we will notify our customers when new editions, volumes or replacements are available.

Contact Customer Services

Coleman Book Company's customer service department may be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via e-mail/Live Help. Responses to queries are sent within 24 to 48 hours of Coleman's receipt of the initial contact. In addition, Coleman personnel may be contacted website Live Chat Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. central time.

Customer Service: 

Rush Service

When you need a book 'yesterday' or earlier, indicate that the order is a RUSH, the specific deadline date, and your approved method of shipment.

We will place the order within 30 minutes. The degree of RUSH is determined by the customer. Standard streamlined procedures for RUSH titles not in inventory:

  • Order phoned to the publisher within thirty minutes
  • Shipped direct from the publisher unless otherwise desired
  • If shipped through Coleman, re-shipped same day
  • UPS ground service unless otherwise stated
  • If special instructions, delivered by method desired

Options: Librarian may choose to establish:

  • Overnight (Contact through Live Chat only)
  • 2nd Day (Contact through Live Chat only)
  • 3-5 Business Day delivery standard
  • Free up 7 business day

Books which are not available:

  • The customer is notified if the delay by phone within 30 minutes of the receipt of the order. This information will help the librarian satisfy the requestor(s).
  • Materials may be back ordered for shipment upon availability

Coleman accepts orders from customers in any format - fax, mail, telephone, e-mail, FTP, EDI or Live.

REGULAR DELIVERY The daily release of purchase orders to publishers expedites our delivery of material to your facility/library. Daily shipping via UPS: your books ship to you on an average within 48 hours of their receipt by Coleman. Our average turnaround delivery of domestic material via Coleman's facility is 5 days, though our present goal is to reduce this time by 3 days.


When your patron needs a book yesterday, or earlier,your indication that the order is a rush causes us to place the order on your behalf within 30 minutes of its receipt.

The degree of rush is determined by the customer; you may specify the "wish-by" date and your desired method of shipping. Coleman's standard streamlined procedures for RUSHitems not in our inventory:

  • Order telephoned into the publisher within 30 minutes of its receipt

  • Item shipped directly from the publisher unless otherwise desired.

  • If shipped through Coleman, re-shipped the same day received by us.

  • UPS ground service unless otherwise specified.

  • If special instructions, delivered by method desired.

The preferred carrier is UPS.

Books which are not immediately available from the publisher:

Customer is notified by phone within 30 minutes if there is to be a delay in the receipt of the order. This information will help the librarian satisfy the requester.

Materials may be back ordered for shipment based upon availability (Library Only).

A Word From Our CEO I want to personally add my welcome to the CBC website. My goal at Coleman Book Co. is to build a company that does a better job than any other vendor in the marketplace at meeting its professional obligations to library/Teachers.

Our mission, I believe, can be succinctly stated:

* We find the product you need in the shortest possible time span, at a reasonable cost.

* First and foremost we judge ourselves by customer satisfaction and not by the growth of annual revenues, profits or the reduction of operating expenses.

* We want each employee of Coleman Book Co. to be enhanced by his/her experience with us, recognizing that we can learn from each other. I value hearing from you, whether you would like to offer a pat-on-the-back to one of our employees, or have constructive criticism to share.

Like any other member of CBC staff, I am available to assist you whenever the need arises. On behalf of all of us at Coleman Book Co. thanks for your interest. We look forward to serving you.

William R. Coleman, CEO

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