Biology, 15th Edition

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Biology, 15th Edition

Starr/Taggart/Evers/ Starr
Publication Date: 01/01/2018
ISBN-10: 1-337-40833-6
ISBN-13: 9781337408332

Title Status: In Print
Publication Date: 01/01/2018
Binding Type: HB

BIOLOGY: THE UNITY AND DIVERSITY OF LIFE, 15th Edition, reveals the biological world in wondrous detail. Its multitude of eye-catching photos and images will keep you fascinated, while helpful text features help you master the material. Chapter-opening Core Concepts enable you to focus on the topics that matter most in every chapter. Each section within a chapter begins with clear Learning Objectives, and section-ending Take Home Messages reinforce these key concepts. Other invaluable features include a running glossary, case studies, self-test questions and data-analysis problems. Available with MindTap Biology, the online program that powers you from memorization to mastery. BIOLOGY: THE UNITY AND DIVERSITY OF LIFE puts the living world of biology under a microscope for you to analyze, understand and enjoy!

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