Employment and wages by degree field

Where do liberal arts graduates work? The charts in this section show American Community Survey (ACS) data for liberal arts graduates under age 35, by selected fields of bachelor’s degree with full-time employment of more than 100,000 in 2015. Each chart shows the top-employing occupations for that degree field, along with wages.

Descriptions of each field are adapted from National Center for Education Statistics Classification of Instructional Programs

information. Compare the wage data with $40,210, the ACS median annual wage for all college graduates under age 35 employed full time in 2015.

Younger workers often earn less than older workers, whose wages may increase as they gain experience and become established in careers. An interactive tool from an advisory group called the Hamilton Project shows how occupations and earnings in your major differ by sex and age.

Commercial art and graphic design. Students with this major learn how to apply artistic and computer techniques to communicate ideas through illustrations and other forms of media. There were 186,503 recipients of a bachelor’s degree in this field in 2015, with a median annual wage of about $40,940 for full-time workers under age 35. (See chart 1.) See employment chart.