Customer Support Frequently Ask Questions

Question: Can I get expedited shipping?
Answer: Yes you can click here and give us your zip code for delivery time, we also have a 
shipping promotion thats a great deal. 
3 Options

  1. Free shipping 
  2. 5-7 day delivery $8
  3. 3-5 day expedited Free when you  click here no obligation if not ready to purchase.

Question:  Are all of your books new?
Answer: Yes
Question: I ordered from you before and got expedited shipping free can I get that 
Answer: Yes you can click here and I will set your order up for that, its a great deal.
Question: There is a book I need that I can't find on your site can you get it for me
and can I get your pricing and shipping? 
Answer: Click one of the click here buttons and give me the ISBN I'll display it for you with
all the details with our pricing and shipping specials


Standard streamlined order procedures

  •  Order phoned to the publisher within thirty minutes 
  •  The customer is notified if a delay within 30 minutes of the receipt of the order.
  •  If Out-Of-Print Coleman will attempt to have a copy reprinted for our customer upon request. 
  •  Shipped direct from the publisher unless otherwise desired
  •  UPS ground service unless otherwise stated
  •  If special instructions, delivered by method desired
  •  All items new
  •  30 day return policy


    "Hard-to-get" items, though at times challenging, are our specialty. Materials may be supplied upon request from more than 29,000 publishers and distributors worldwide, with more added daily. Current titles are stocked from more than 100 publishers.
    When a book is needed immediately, or sooner, your order to us, if not in inventory, is placed with the publisher within 30 minutes of its receipt.
    If your item has been declared out-of-print or out-of-stock-indefinitely, upon request, we will search Out of Print databases to obtain a copy for your library. When we've located a copy, we will advise you of its condition and price for approval before supplying it to you.
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