MindTap Icons


Icons displayed in the gradebook and learning path give you information about your activities and how they are scored.

credit / no credit     Activity is configured with credit / no credit scoring.

Dropped Score    Activity score was manually dropped.

Counts Toward Grade    Activity is part of overall performance calculations.

Late Submission Enabled   Submissions — with a penalty — are allowed for a specified period after the due date.

Late Penalty Applied    A submission was made during the late submission period.

Manually Graded   Manually graded activity (not scored automatically).

Non-MindTap Assignment   Score was added for an activity completed outside of MindTap.

Practice   Practice activity.

Pending Grading   Completed activity has not yet been graded.

In Progress      Activity has been started but the due date has not yet passed.

Error in Score      Score is invalid or has an error.

Invalid scores are not included in any performance or calculations. To resolve, contact customer support.

Web Link Activity      The activity is a Web Link activity.

Web Link activities link to content outside of MindTap.

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