Why is my Textbook so hard to find?

Why is my book so hard to find?

Many textbook publishers are giving professors the option to modify a textbook by adding chapters, experiments, and labs. These Bundle textbooks are given a unique ISBN which has been changed from a single textbook, these bundle packages can be a challenge to the buyer.

If the buyer is looking for a bundle textbook but using the single textbook ISBN there's the problem.

If the buyer has the bundle textbook ISBN and can't find using this ISBN the problem could be the bundle is discontinued, when a textbook has been discontinued it is usually "replaced" here's an example;

Many bundle textbooks, not all, that include LMS access cards have been updated from the LMS (Learning Management System) Printed Access Card to simply Printed Access Card the Publisher also changed the ISBN of the card, when an order is placed with Coleman we inform our buyers of this change, correct the ISBN, and we have a happy buyer.

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