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Is my textbook new?

Yes! Material is new, guaranteed with 30 day return policy.

I am looking for a bundle textbook that is "Theory and Practice of Counseling with an LMS printed access card" that the book store is saying no longer available but a classmate told me you helped them get the textbook bundle with ISBN I sent you? 

Happy to help you. The original ISBN for the bundle you are looking for has been changed to the ISBN I have sent along with our sale price. I have asked Cengage to hold a copy for you and if you approve a copy will be sent to you.

I logged in to my Printed Access Card wrong and now it won't let me log in can you help me?

Yes! I have reset your access code for you try now.

Thank you so much works perfect.

Can I give my access code to a friend to use?

Important: Access codes are not interchangeable between classes.

Access codes can only be used once.

 Do I really need an access code?

The use of your textbook's access code is usually up to your professor. Instructors may require you to use your textbook access code because a portion of your grade may come from the online material.

How long will I be able to view the online content provided by my access code?

While textbook access code subscriptions may vary, a student access code should grant you access to online content for the duration of your course, generally lasting between 6-12 months.

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If I buy a used book and it doesn't come with an access code, can I purchase my access code separately?

Yes! Caution access codes can not be reused, check if it appears re-wrapped.

What in the world is an access code?

Access codes are online passwords from major publishers that grant access to a variety of extra course materials like digital version of books, quizzes, study guides and more.

What does Cengage Sam stand for?

SAM (Skills Assessment Manager) is a web-based application that measures student proficiency in Microsoft Office software and technology-related topics.

SAM teaches Microsoft Word, Excel, Power- Point, Access, Outlook and Internet Explorer, in addition to foundational computer concepts.

My students are using a bundle textbook that includes an access code but they are telling me the access code portion is no longer available can you help with this?

Yes I can help with this, your bundle has been updated from LMS Printed Access Card to gradually replacing LMS to simply Printed Access Card the Publisher also changed the ISBN I have sent you the new Bundle ISBN, you are getting the same material, and ordering with the new ISBN you should be fine.
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