Steps to Avoid Counterfeit

Dear Valued Customer,

There’s an important industry initiative we wanted to bring to your attention today. At Coleman, we aim to keep it real. Each educational product we release is the result of diligent and deliberate work on the part of expert authors, editors, manufacturers and countless others who go to great lengths to bring students truly impactful learning materials.

Starting immediately, a certification seal featuring a design––unique to each print unit––and a QR code will appear on the cover of the vast majority of copyright 2018 and copyright 2019 print product. We have a simple process to help you confirm that the product comes from Cengage––and meets our standards of excellence. Look for the certification seal on the cover of new products. To further verify authenticity, simply scan the unique code with a black light or QR scanning app on your mobile phone. The technology embedded in the seal will immediately indicate whether the product is real or counterfeit. Our ability to guarantee the authenticity of each Cengage print product is critical in helping students be unstoppable.

To further insure our customers are getting the absolute best, all products are new and shrink wrap sealed. We do not sell any used material, after all if a Access Code comes with a used book its no good because they are coded to be used by one user.

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