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Placing An Order

Placing an order is a 2 step process

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    This is very important in allowing you to get messages about tracking, updates and speed at checkout
    The next time you login your order history will appear on the Home Page click on view all  (Remember to write your login down)
    You can print your invoice from this page also for say down the road tax purposes. 
  • Placing order
    Billing address must match what your credit card bank institution has on record, shipping address can be added later.
    Tip: Once you have placed your order and you are still logged in check our Home Page and you should see your Recently Ordered items.
    Check that your default billing address is correct you can edit it here, if you had a delay in order completion your default billing could be solution.

Issues & Solutions

If you are ordering a bundle textbook that refers to a LMS card in the components, the Publisher has notified us some not all have been taken out of print
as LMS and now just called Printed Access Card or MindTap 
Printed Access the ISBN has been changed, as part of our service Coleman provides you
the replacement (same card just ISBN for bundle has changed) customers are searching for original ISBN and has been changed to new.

Coleman will automatically convert these for students/instructors

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